As insurance advisors, we often require our clients’ financial and medical information to ensure their plans get set up quickly and smoothly. And in many cases, we see that their financial, medical details – account numbers, contact info, important histories – are scattered and disorganized.

It is human nature. Even though these details can be incredibly important, we don’t often think of them until we need them – which, unfortunately, is often during a moment of crisis.

That’s why taking a few simple steps today can help you save time and stress tomorrow.

What is the SC Insurance personal & financial organizer?

Seeing this as a need for our clients, we created a personal financial organizer that serves as a great resource for getting your household organized. It provides you with one singular place to keep key information that you may need to call upon at important times. While it doesn’t replace proper planning, such as a Will and Power of Attorney, it can act as a very valuable resource for you, your family and those responsible for your estate.

To download your copy: click here
It keeps the following information together in one handy location:
  • Driver’s license, Passport, Health Card, SIN numbers
  • Employer and school contact info
  • Physician and dentist contact info
  • Insurance coverage details, policy numbers and contact info
  • Banking and investment account information
  • Key Dates for renewals, expiry dates, follow-up’s
Why do you need a personal and financial organizer?

Keeping up with your finances, medical contacts, bank accounts, insurance policies and other important documents for you, your spouse and children can be overwhelming.

Often one member of the family takes on this onerous task or the duties are divided. But, do all key members of the household know all this valuable information, or even where to find it? What about the person responsible for your estate? And because the need for info like doctor or insurance details can come at already-stressful times, a personal and financial organizer can give you peace of mind and help you sleep easier.

Five ways a personal and financial organizer can help make your life easier
  1. Need to know your passport number so you can book a trip?
  2. Can’t find the insurance info to pay for the Dentist?
  3. If you couldn’t ask them, do you know the details of all of your partners’ bank accounts, credit cards, loan details, etc.?
  4. Applying for a loan and need the value of your other assets, loans and obligations?
  5. Need to find the phone number or date you took your child to see a specialist?
How to use the personal and financial organizer
The organizer serves as a resource for your own personal use, it should not be provided to us, or any outside party.
Include important details about your investments, insurance policies, wills, loans as well as important doctor’s contact info, passport numbers and so on.
Keep the organizer in a safe place, and make sure key family members know where it is. Review with your advisor, or when there has been a life event, such as new child, new job or new home.
Set reminders for when insurance policies or investments are renewing, or need to be revisited. And don’t forget to keep it up to date.

Be PREPARED and ORGANIZED as you never know what the next day will bring.


To talk to an advisor or request a paper copy of the organizer please click here and someone will reach out to you within one business day. To download a fillable electronic form on our website click here.

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