Disclosure Policy

Advisor Disclosure

Our Role

As independent brokers, our role is to work on your behalf as your intermediary, to advocate with insurance companies and resolve any questions you may have throughout the time you hold a policy, and to ensure your ongoing satisfaction. We are active members of ADVOCIS, the financial advisors association of Canada, and bound by their Code of Ethics.


We are licensed as life and health insurance agents in the province of Ontario, representing Steven Cohen Insurance Agency Inc. For individual and group insurance and investment/pension or annuity products, we place business for most insurance companies through a Managing General Agency (MGA), while some insurance carriers have direct contracts for distribution.

Companies we Represent

We have contracts with various insurance companies either on a direct basis through Steven Cohen Insurance Agency Inc. or through an appointed managing general agent (MGA) of these companies, as well as Third Party Administrators (TPAs). In addition, we are able to offer client accounts and services from banks and trust companies who accept deposits through agents. Upon request, we are pleased to provide a list of all the insurers, banks and trust companies and other partners with whom we are contracted.


We are compensated by a sales commission on policies we provide. We may receive a renewal (or service) commission on policies that remain active. Commissions are paid by the company that provides the product you purchased. We may also receive compensation from the MGA/distribution firm through which we place our business. We may be eligible for additional compensation, including bonuses and other benefits, such as conferences, based on our sales levels.

Product Suitability

In consultation with you in order to provide insurance or investment advice, or for Group Benefit Plan recommendations, we will complete an analysis of your needs, and determine what solutions would be best suited to your situation.

Conflict of Interest

We do not have any conflicts of interest. We do not have an ownership in any of the firms we deal with (beyond mutual fund investments) nor are we provided any financial support (loans etc.) from our suppliers.

More Information

Should you require additional information about my qualifications or the nature of our business relationships, please contact us. We would be pleased to answer your questions.