Retirement Income Solutions

Retirement Income

For the first time in history, people today are likely to spend more years in retirement than in the workforce. We can help ensure that you never outlive your money.

For the first time in history, people today are likely to spend more years in retirement than in the workforce. With the shift away from Government and Company pension plans, the challenge facing so many today is how to generate sufficient income through these retirement years, while also protecting ourselves from market downturns, as well as the need for additional care in our later years. By taking advantage of solutions that provide tax-efficient, guaranteed income for life, with the potential for growth if the markets perform well, we can help ensure that you never outlive your money.

In combination with plans that can provide additional funds to help pay for the cost of long term care, either in the home, or in a facility, you can build a rock solid plan that protects your lifestyle and independence.

We are always looking for products that provide assurances and guarantees to allow you to retire with confidence. The following solutions are available on both a registered (RRSP, TFSA, RESP) and non-registered basis.

Retirement Investment Programs

Investment Funds with Income Guarantees

Offered exclusively by Insurance Companies, these funds offer investment returns based on market performance, along with built-in guarantees that protect your original investment, and provide a guaranteed income stream for life.


A valuable part of many retirement plans, Annuities are a contract that provides a guaranteed amount of income for a fixed period of time, or for as long as you live. Annuities offer estate planning benefits, the opportunity for tax-efficient income and can provide creditor protection
GIC’s (Guaranteed Investment Certificates)

Secure investments that offer a guaranteed rate of return for a fixed period of time.

With increases in life expectancy, and reductions in covered expenses being delivered by Provincial Health Plans, Long Term Care Insurance protects your independence and your assets by providing an income stream to pay for the costs of a long-term facility, or for care in your home.

With the costs of care continuing to rise, and more responsibility shifting to individuals and their families, it is important to consider the financial and emotional impact this can have on families. More and more people are caught in a “sandwich generation”, caring for both parents and children at the same time. Proper Long Term Care Planning can help provide certainty and stability to help everyone maintain their lifestyle and savings.

Long Term Care Plans offers the following benefits:
  • Policies provide a daily or monthly benefit if the insured loses the ability to care for themselves, and requires the services of a facility or assistance in the home.
  • Care can be provided in your home so that you do not need to downsize or move to a facility right away
  • Policies can include a return of premium option to refund all premiums if the insured dies without having claims paid out
  • Premiums can be paid over a limited period (10 or 20 years)

Creating a Legacy

While Preserving Your Wealth