NHL Alumni Association – BYOND Private Care

We are extremely excited to announce a new health resource available exclusively to NHL Alumni Association members. Byond is an innovative new Health program that allows members to take control of their health, while ensuring prompt access to diagnostic tests, and the ability to go to the very finest facilities anywhere in the world.

Byond was designed to round out the full scope of care, filling the gaps in access, quality and promptness of care at this vital point in the human experience. There are 3 main pillars of the unique program: Prevention, Diagnostic and Global Care.

There are 2 packages available:

BYOND Private Care which includes the Global Care and Diagnostic pillars, offering up to $1M per year to access Private Care anywhere in the world. There is also access to CT/MRI on demand.

BYOND Complete Bundle includes all 3 pillars, highlighted by Annual Executive Assessment at your choice of MedCan, Cleveland Clinic, or Telus Health Clinics, along with Year-Round Care for the whole family!

Global Care

The BYOND program is founded on the principle of providing unparalleled access to world-class medical care for its members. The core benefit of the program is access to up to $1 million for private medical treatment, procedures, and care at the leading clinics and hospitals worldwide, including coverage for travel expenses. This truly is a remarkable benefit that provides members with a level of choice and access that has never before been available.


Given the challenges to our health system, dealing with delays, wait lists or other common obstacles is just not an option. The Second Pillar of BYOND assures members access to expedited Diagnostic Imaging Services, and Expert Medical Services as needed to get answers to medical questions and concerns. Receive an MRI or CT scan within a matter of days, instead of weeks or months, and use the Expert Medical Opinion Services to better understand and confirm or revise a diagnosis, treatment plan or condition.

Prevention (included with Complete Bundle)

This pillar of Byond starts off with the same Annual Health Assessment as mentioned above, with the benefit of allowing members to select which clinic they would like to attend, and can schedule their assessment with their Concierge Support Team. Select from among The Cleveland Clinic, MedCan, and Telus Health Clinics across the country, and enjoy access to their Virtual Medical Care for your entire family as well.

There has been tremendous innovation in the Virtual Care space that some clinics have leveraged in order to provide much deeper support, and the ability to deal with many more conditions virtually from the comfort of your home. Contact us to learn more about these offerings and options.

The Byond team has also identified a unique suite of healthcare solutions that are otherwise costly and difficult to access for individuals, and provided to Byond Members. The Byond Wellness Bundle includes DNA based food sensitivity test, pharmacogenetic testing and much more. One of our favourite items from the Byond Wellness Bundle is GutChek, a food sensitivity test that was featured in a recent SC article.

While Byond was built as an elite and high-end solution for a specific segment of the population, it was priced to appeal to anyone who values choice and wants to take control of their own healthcare. Byond is only available through a small network of advisors in Canada, and is being offered to the NHL Alumni Association. Members can access this program without health questions, using a simple pricing structure, and a streamlined online enrolment process. Contact us with questions.

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