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Why is Travel Insurance Important?

Travel insurance is essential to protect yourself and your family from unexpected sudden costs due to unforeseen circumstances. Depending on the plan you choose, you may have coverage for lost of delayed luggage, emergency evacuation, travel delays as well as the significant costs related to medical care, tests and treatment. Safeguarding your health and finances, while giving you peace of mind is vital to ensure you have the best trip possible.

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Below is an example of some of the costs that could be associated with a broken leg while travelling in the USA:

  • $2,500 – Cast and Fracture Clinic Fees
  • $17,000 – $35,000 – Surgical treatment for setting of bones
  • $2,000 – Additional surgeon fees
  • TOTAL: $21,5000 – $39,500

For most Canadians, a medical emergency while abroad represents a significant financial risk. A typical U.S. hospital stay often exceeds several thousand dollars, and it is common to see claims for certain situations run into the hundreds of thousands, and beyond.

Understanding your options when it comes to travel insurance can be very complex and often frustrating. Searching online for travel insurance leads to an overwhelming number of options and policies, each with its own specific conditions, rates and requirements. Many people also have existing coverage provided by their Credit Cards, Group Benefit Plans, Associations or other affiliated programs.

At SC Insurance, Travel Insurance Specialist Lori Field, helps clients understand their own situation, and helps them find the right solution.
“Travel insurance is one of the best investments you can make into your upcoming trip, as you never know if your flights may be cancelled, a missed connection, lost baggage, or even if you have a sudden unexpected medical emergency. The right travel insurance policy is there to help you navigate these unexpected situations and reduce unexpected costs.”

Lori Field, Travel Insurance Specialist

Here are our top 3 tips for how you can find the right travel coverage:

1. Review Existing Coverage

Review the details of your health plan at work, or any plan associated with your credit card and identify the coverage details. Determine any gaps you need to fill with a private policy.

Many Premium Credit Cards and Group Benefit Plans provide coverage; however, you need to understand the limitations and maximums that exist and how they might impact you.

2. Identify The Limitations And Restrictions

Whether you have existing coverage or need to buy additional insurance, it is important to understand the impact of pre-existing conditions and stability of health and how they impact your coverage. Below are some of the key terms included in most policies. These can vary between policies, and misinterpretation of them is the primary reason for most denied medical claims.

Pre-Existing Condition
Typically defined as any sickness, injury or medical condition for which you consulted a physician, had symptoms, were hospitalized or prescribed medications within a set period prior to departure. The period may vary from weeks, months and beyond.

Some plans can cover a Pre-Existing Condition if it is considered “Stable” for a certain period before your trip. To be considered Stable, there can be no change in medication, no outstanding tests or results, no new or worsening symptoms, and no new diagnosis.

Stability Period
This refers to the timeframe when the above changes took place. It is typical to see this period look back several months, and even as far back as one year. However, there are specialized products that offer a shorter stability period, even as little as 7 days.

3. Be Honest!

When applying for coverage, or asking for a coverage opinion, be sure to disclose any pre-existing conditions and medications. Otherwise, your coverage may not be valid. When in doubt, speak with your doctor on how to answer medical application questions.

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